Prosthodontics Peabody

Teeth Restorations in Peabody

Prosthodontics Peabody

Prosthodontics Peabody

If you have missing teeth, there are ways to address that situation. Here at Navid Family Dental & Associates, we offer bridges, dentures, and dental implants so that the empty space where you used to have teeth can be transformed back into your complete smile once again.

The obvious reason for taking advantage of our prosthodontics in Peabody is the cosmetic one. When one or more teeth have been lost, it is easy to feel self-conscious or awkward when you speak or laugh. But your other teeth can also shift, which may lead to discomfort and misaligned jaws. Also, your chewing might become less efficient, and this can even end up having a negative effect on your digestion. Our teeth restoration and replacement options include both the ones that have been around the longest, and the one that has the most impressive benefits and is as close to being a natural tooth as possible. A fixed bridge is used to replace one or several teeth. It is cemented to your gum line and is also held in by filing down the tooth on either side of it, placing an anchor over those teeth and then cementing a crown to each so that those anchors will be secure. If you would prefer something removable or you don’t want to lose any tooth material from surrounding teeth, dentures may be the right choice. Partials are used for just a few teeth, and a complete set when you have lost all of the teeth on one jaw. In both cases, they are held in with dental adhesive, and you can take them out to clean them. And our prosthodontics in Peabody also includes implants. They replace the root and tooth without messy adhesive and without affecting your other teeth. Furthermore, they can last a lifetime with proper care.

Schedule an appointment with our office so that you can consult with our family dentist to find the most appropriate selection from our prosthodontics in Peabody.

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