Sedation Dentist Peabody

Sedation Dentistry in Peabody

Sedation Dentist Peabody

Sedation Dentist Peabody

Root canals and dental procedures may cause anxiety to many patients. Even routine dental procedures may cause anxiety. At the offices of Navid Family Dental & Associates, we provide sedation for all of our patients who may suffer from dental anxiety. Our sedation dentist Peabody provides sedation techniques using nitrous oxide and other methods for those who may need it. We want your visit to be as comfortable and as easy as possible. With over 50% of the population experiencing dental anxiety, we know how comforting this can be.

Our sedation dentist Peabody can use nitrous oxide as a safe and very effective form of dental sedation. The nitrous oxide sedation is very relaxing and puts patients into an at-ease type of state. Patients are conscious the entire time, just more relaxed. Sedation dentistry allows us to perform longer and more complicated dental procedures on patients without the anxiety experienced on their part. We can get all your dental work out of the way, without the suffering and nervousness. We have two sedations dentists on site who are trained to administer conscious sedation to patients. Sedation dentistry can be done with injected medications, light oral medication, or other means. If the procedure is particularly long and anxiety-inducing, the patient can be put to sleep.

Our sedation dentist Peabody also specializes in many different types of restorative, general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Implants, dentures and fillings for cavities all take place on a daily basis at our offices. We employ the most stringent methods to ensure that your test results and your teeth are cared for in the most professional and technical manner possible. Our implants are done using state of the art technology and the most high quality titanium implants, and our fillings are done in office and in one visit so our patients are in and out as quickly as possible.

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