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Invisalign braces in Peabody

Peabody Invisalign

Peabody Invisalign

If the thought of orthodontic treatment brings to mind visions of thick, heavy metal braces with criss-crossing wires and clunky brackets, you may not have a very positive feeling about the process. Here at Navid Family Dental & Associates, we can assure you that traditional metal braces have benefitted greatly from advancements in the field. However, an even greater advancement is evident in our Peabody Invisalign. It represents a massive leap in orthodontic care, and is ideal for those who have been avoiding it because of concerns about the cosmetic impact and comfort of braces.

Unlike the traditional variety, Invisalign braces do not require impressions and the messy material that is used for them. Instead, high quality photography and 3-D computer software is utilized to create our Peabody Invisalign aligners. They are made out of clear plastic, right here in our office. No outside dental labs are needed. And instead of wearing just one set of braces, you will wear many aligners during the course of your treatment. For most people this will mean between 18 and 30 in an average time of 11 months. Of course, the exact amount and time frame will be dependent on your unique circumstances. Each of our patients is an individual and our Peabody Invisalign supports that. The aligners will be made to fit you with the utmost precision. They are virtually undetectable to the eye, so there will be no need for you to feel self-conscious about showing your smile. And they’re removable. Enjoy any and all of your favorite foods, without restrictions or worries about anything getting caught in your braces or causing damage to them. Also, your plastic aligners will not cause you any mouth soreness or irritation.

Peabody Invisalign braces give you all of the advantages of any other braces when it comes to moving your teeth into a healthier alignment. But they do so without the drawbacks of traditional options. Call us to schedule a consultation to find out if they’re the best choice for you.

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