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Peabody Endodontist

Peabody Endodontist

Root canal is not something anyone would look forward to, of course, but when you are suffering with the pain of a tooth infection, you can turn to us at Navid Family Dental & Associates to provide you with needed relief and to save your tooth so that it does not have to be extracted. Root canal is best handled by a specialist, known as an endodontist, who has the unique skills and experience to perform the procedure smoothly and with the very minimum of discomfort. We are fortunate to have just such a specialist on staff, so remember our Peabody endodontist when you need root canal.

The most common causes for the infections that make root canal necessary in the first place are a tooth that is severely decayed, a deep filling, or a tooth that is chipped or cracked. Bacteria finds its way inside the tooth and to the pulp, where the nerve is located. It’s also possible that an injury or an accident can lead you to needing root canal. It is unfortunately normal to experience pain, often severe, when you have a tooth infection. You will ordinarily notice it when you apply pressure to the tooth or you try to chew with it. Among the other signs are sensitivity to hot or cold liquids, tender gums, and tooth discoloration. That’s when you want to seek out our Peabody endodontist.

The process of performing a root canal takes one or more sessions, depending on various factors including the type of tooth (some have more canals than others). You will, of course, be numbed with an anesthetic beforehand. Access to the root is gained by drilling from the top of the tooth. The injured pulp, nerve, and any debris will be removed. The canals are cleaned, reshaped, and enlarged. Sometimes, medication will be put in them to prevent any new infections. Our Peabody endodontist will place a temporary filling between sessions so that the tooth will remain protected. The final part is the creation and placement of a permanent crown to restore the tooth back to its full size.

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